Watersports in Barcelona

    Whatever the weather in Barcelona there is always a watersport that will appeal to you. During the summer months a good way to cool down is by heading to the beach and trying out some of the many watersports Barcelona has to offer. Be it action or relaxation, there is something for you. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best watersports for you and the family to enjoy!

    For a great base from which to enjoy all the watersporting activities Barcelona has to offer, find yourself a beachside apartment in Barceloneta.

    Jet Ski
    Jet Skiers by LifestyleBarcelona09 Barcelona has beautiful scenery and therefore a ride on a Jet Ski is a fantastic way of seeing the city from a different perspective but with more action! It’s energetic, fast and entertaining. “Barcelona Jet Ski” offer you the opportunity to have a thrilling experience with the comfort of professional instructors. They even offer so called “Jet safaris” where you can go on a tour with the Jet Skis. For more information take a look at our blog.You can get 10% off this amazing thrill with the Oh-Barcelona discount pack.


    Unlike sunbathing, surfing is one of the few sports where bad weather can help actually you. (Not that you are likely to see this in Barcelona!) So no matter what time of year surfing is a great sport to try out. Surfing in Barcelona is a popular sport, and any one can take part. It’s fun and exhilarating. Around the Barceloneta area it’s very easy to find somewhere to hire a surf board and wet suit for as little as around €20 per hour. Take a look at a map for the locations of surf shops where you can hire equipment.


    Kayaker by SergioDJT Kayaking is one of the most popular sports in Barcelona and is very easy and relaxing! You can have the pleasure of keeping fit whilst unwinding and looking at the view!
    Some tours give you the opportunity to explore dark caves! The best place to partake in this exciting activity is definitely north of Barcelona, tucked away in many small caves along the breath taking coast of Costa Brava. Day excursions or multi-day trip side trips take you 1 hour outside of bustling Barcelona (either by train or some companies arrange transport to and from) to the tranquil out of the way villages and gorgeous crystal clear waters of Costa Brava offering an amazing sea kayaking adventure. Interestingly, in some kayaking excursions, you will enter dark coves whereby you will be given lanterns to help you navigate through the obscurity and see the natural beauty within.


    Lifestyle Barcelona

    •    Price:  55€
    •   Duration: 3 to 4 hours
    •   Availability: Monday to Sunday from May to October
    •   Participants: Minimum 6 and maximum 12
    •   Additional Information: Minimum age is 14 years of age

    Telephone: +34 93 270 2048
    E-mail: info@lifestylebarcelona.com

    Base Náutica

    •  Price: 143.60€
    •   Duration: 10 Hours (Spread over 4 days)
    •   2 Possibilities: Over 2 weekends or one intensive week (Monday to Thursday)
    •   Availability: Monday to Friday from July to September
    •   Additional Information: If you would like to rent at other times, you just have to call a day in advance

    Telephone: +34 93 221 043

    Spanish Trails

    •    Price: 110€
    •    Duration: 8 to 9 hours
    •    Availability: late May to late September
    •    Participants: Minimum 2 and maximum 8
    •    Additional Information: Appropriate for all ages.
    •    Inclusions: Free transport, picnic lunch in cave, kayak and gear

    Telephone: +34 93 500 1616
    E-mail: info@spanish-trails.com


    Sailing Experience.jpg Barcelona houses a beautiful harbour with many stunning boats so rather than looking at them why not actually ride the waves in one! Much unlike the other watersports on offer yachting can be more relaxing and may appeal to a couple. Or you can take your family and you can even learn how to sail, with a fully trained skipper. Have a look at our exciting discount.


    Scuba Diving
    Scuba Diver off the Barcelona Coast by David Domingo Love sea life? Want to explore the sea bed? Why not try something different and look at the sea from a completely different perspective and look at the magnificent Mediterranean coast underwater!
    You will be able to see the beautiful marine life and maybe even some old shipwrecks!
    Tuition can cost upward from €150 and usually includes the hire of equipment.
    CRIS (School of diving)
    Ronda Sant Pere, 23
    08010 Barcelona, Spain
    Tel: + (34) 933 176 451


    SUP– Stand Up Paddling
    Stand Up Paddle by latitudechar.jpg If you love trying new things then this is for you! Have you always wanted to surf but always thought it is difficult then this is for you! With the use of the paddle you can move yourself around. Check the Stand Up surf website for more information (in spanish)


    Have you done any of the activities listed? Is there something you want to try out? Let us know!


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